April 20, 2010

Who wants to get Naked? {LUSH}

Silly, not naked as in strip your clothes off naked! Geez, this is a family friendly blog (sometimes). Naked meaning over 70% of LUSH products are “naked” (that’s lingo for unpackaged), solid and preservative-free, which is better for you and the environment. LUSH saved more than 21 tons of plastic in 2009!
To celebrate Earth Day, LUSH is launching a limited edition Naked Kit which will house six of LUSH’s most popular solid, unpackaged and preservative-free offerings in a biodegradable box:
-you choose the two solid products from a pre-selected list
This is what I'm picking:
(1) Coal Face facial cleanser
(2) Vitamin E toner tab
(3) kit comes with; Mini-Squeaky Green shampoo bar,  Mini Buffy Body Butter, Therapy Massage Bar,  Sexy Peel Soap
All for $20 cdn, not bad right?
What would you pick from the LUSH Naked Kit?
(image: lush.ca)


  1. I love Lush! Just perusing around in there makes my heart skip beats! Their sparkle body bath bomb (while not listed here) is my fave, so so pretty!

  2. lovelovelove lush!

    i liked the squeaky green shampoo! it looks gross but it smells nice. unfortunately, sls and i don't get along so i've had to stop using lush shampoo bars. :(



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