April 15, 2010

Will you be in New York City...{Sex & the City Hotspot tour giveaway}

Find your own Mr. Big...if your planning on visiting New York city anytime soon I have one gift certificate for two (so bring a friend) for the Sex and the City Hotspots tour, runs daily & the tickets will never expire so you can use them next time your in the city!
Tour Length is 3.5 hours & highlights include;
  • have a cupcake at the bakery where Carrie & Miranda ate cupcakes
  • drink a cosmo at "Scout", the bar owned by Aidan
  • visit the church where Samantha meets "The Friar"
  • see the furniture store where Aidan designed his pieces
  • shop at the store where Charlotte bought her "Rabbit"
  • stop at Buddakan, where Carrie & Big's wedding rehearsal dinner took place
  • see locations from the Sex and the City movies
For more information about ScreenTours visit their site, they are also having a Sex and the City 2 Movie package night on the opening of the movie on May 28.
Giveaway details & rules:
  • one gift certificate (for the Sex and the City Hotspots tour) which entitles you & a friend (one prize) value $84 USD
  • you must be planning on visiting New York City in the near future
  • open internationally
  • one entry per person
  • deadline April 23, 2010
  • to enter leave an answer in the comment section; "Which Sex and the City character do you identify with most (if any)?". My answer is; Charlotte!


Winner is...Her Name was Lola!

(images: screentours.com, sexandthecitymovie.com)



  1. I have to say i identify with Charolette and Carrie the most!


  2. nice :))))

    wish you happy happy weekend.


  3. Such a fab giveaway, darling! I most identify with Carrie (imagine that - my namesake!)!


  4. I live in NYC + have never been on this tour but it looks like so much fun! I would love to take my little sister the next time she visits.

    I'm about a Samantha/Carrie hybrid.

    Great giveaway + happy weekend!


  5. I am Miranda all the way!!! LOL!

  6. Did you say that the coupon NEVER expires? Oh, but you insist that we be planning on visiting in the near future. Darn! I'll be heading to Boston in July, but I don't think I'll have the time or $$$ to swing by NYC. BUMMER! Good luck, everyone! That sounds like a real blast, and I know exactly who I would take with me - we were SATC addicts together.

  7. Ah! Lola and I both!

    I'm Carrie by day, Samantha by night!

    My little sister and I are planning a short trip to NYC to celebrate my 30th (OMG!) birthday in July. :)


  8. the tour is such a fun idea...i kind of do my own version of the tour each time i visit NYC!
    i identify with Charlotte the most. ;-)
    xoxo alison

  9. I really need to move to NYC that's where everything fabulous happen lol!



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