May 05, 2010

Just Frame it {eyebrow pencils}

For me its all about the eyebrows! I cringe when I see over tweezed brows. I know for some that the hair doesn't grow back but a little bit of help is all you need. My favourite beauty product to fill in brows are pencils. In the past I've used powders and gels but I find that pencils are easier to work with and more precise. However, not every brow pencil is created equal. Here are a few favourites & not so great brow pencils.

For reference I have chestnut brown hair (at times with caramel coloured highlights).

  1. My ultimate favourite is MAC Eyebrow Pencil in shade Lingering, twist style pencil, easy-to-use, good thickness of pencil, not too soft & not too hard texture.

  2. Almay Brow Defining Pencil in shade Dark Blonde 01, great dupe of MAC's lingering pencil above. Twist style pencil, great medium texture, and bonus is the mascara style brush (which I wish the MAC had).

  3. Quo 3-in-1 Brow Pencil in shade Medium, a good on a budget pencil. I don't care too much for the wax end part of the pencil nor the cheap brush attachment. Not as soft in texture as I'd like but works well.

  4. Milani Easybrow Automatic Pencil in shade Natural Taupe. Too soft in texture, smudges a bit and the shade is too muddy looking on me. Not as sharp as I'd like the pencil to be.

  5. Beautique Eyebrow Pencil (from Sally's Beauty Supply) in shade Brunette. An ok pencil, smudges and a bit too soft. Better off as an eyeliner pencil.

  6. Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil in shade Ultimate Brown. I expected greatness from this pencil and it failed. Too hard texture and thus hard to work with.
There you have it! A perfect brow is a perfect face frame. A few times a year I'll also bleach my brows a shade lighter. Another option is using a clear mascara as a brow gel to keep them in place.
What is your favourite eyebrow product? If you use any.

(image: Versace Fall'10 via, all of the above purchased by me)


  1. Hi! I'm really surprised that the Anastasia pencil is not good - they are supposedly THE go-to place for eyebrow shaping in Hollywood, right?

    I agree that MAC is good. I quite like Chanel's pencil, too, because it's colour+wax in one.

  2. Bellini- me too! I had high expectations! Yes, Anastasia is the place to go for brows:) Never been. I've heard the Chanel brow pencil is good too but every time I want to buy it at duty-free its sold out.

  3. I've tried that Quo one but it just didn't work for me. I find colour-matching really hard due to my hair colour. Personally, I just use MAC eyeshadow to fill in my brows!

  4. Eyebrows are so important! I use this pencil from Daiso. It's so frigging cheap and it works! It's slightly flat and is hard enough to not deposit so much color at one go so you get very good control. The problem is trying to find these pencils. I only have one left! The last few ones that I used were bad batches. It's a twist-up type of pencil so the tubes weren't functioning properly.

  5. I am thrilled you did a post on eyebrow enhancers! So important to find the right one because your brow is the anchor to your face! It will bring out the best!!!

  6. Oh... great post.. I have such a big problem with my eyebrows - mine are "coot" with long hair. For sure I will try some of your brow pencils :)))
    Now I'm using Seventeen Real Brown Longstay. It's my first one ever so I can't say if it's good or not.
    Thank you.


  7. Fabulous post, I'm always looking for new eyebrow tools, tips and tricks!

  8. I like MAC Impeccable Brow Pencil. It has the powder to give color and wax to keep the brows in place. Great post!

  9. I have to say I had a brow pencil from Sephora, made by Anastasia. I LOVED it, but I paid over $20 and it lasted three months. The stuff I used before was by BeautiControl. It cost me $11 and lasted a year and a half! I'll be going back to that, I think!


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