May 27, 2010

MAC To The Beach faves & Interview with MAC Sr. Artist, Melissa Gibson

MAC Cosmetics has found my soft spot with the To The Beach Collection, if you haven't noticed bronzers are my weakness. And this collection has'em! My favourite cosmetic colour palettes are browns, corals, peaches and pinks, this collection delivers. The packaging is also really pretty and Summery (is that a get it).
Items on my wishlist:
New product! Cream Bronzer in either shade-Beach Bronze or Weekend
Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel
Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden (an old favourite bronzer, I've hit pan twice in the past)
Already own:
lipstick in Thrills-gorgeous frost copper with pink undertones
eye kohl in Rosemary & Thyme-green with gold flecks
Both were sent to me for review and at first I would've never picked up these two shades but I'm pleasantly surprised I love the shade of both products.
Exclusive interview with MAC Sr. Artist, Melissa Gibson:
(1) Summer means makeup melt-down, any suggestions on keeping makeup
looking fresh throughout the day?
Melissa-Try utilizing all products that hold up in high humidity weather. A tinted moisturizer is a great place to start on the face. Stop the oils from pooling with Blot Powder to set. Stick with powders instead of creams with your shadows and blushes. A water proof mascara is a must and so are water resistant liners like Fluidline. A sheer lip gloss or Pro Long Wear for the all day wear on the lips and your good to go.
(2) Your favourite MAC foundation formula for Summer?
Melissa-I’m loving my Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15. It’s sheer, never feels heavy in the heat and has an SPF 15 for daily wear.
(3) Must-have vacation beauty essentials?
Melissa-Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15, a tinted lip conditioner, Black Splash Mascara (waterproof!), and a bronzer. Keep the sun off the face and use the bronzer instead!
(4) Your off to the beach, at airport customs they've pulled you aside, searched your carry-on, your makeup case has been stripped searched! Your only allowed one beauty item. What will that beauty item be?
Melissa-EEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! I’m going to have to go with a Concealer. That one little product can hide a multitude of sins!!!
(5) Name your favourite MAC To The Beach product?
Melissa-For me it has to be the Creme Bronzer in Beach Bronze. Sunkissed in the most natural way and so easy to use.
Thank you Melissa!

Anyone else excited about MAC's To The Beach Collection?



  1. so interesting, I really want to go and have a MAC course soon!
    have a great weekend Monica xo

  2. I'm really loving the coppers and bronzes in lipsticks lately - need to use with lots of self-tanner/bronzer though! Would be really pretty with that greeny gold liner. Nice post!


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