June 15, 2010

all in a Night's rest {Branché-the ideal Beauty sleep}

We all know how important getting the right amount of sleep is...I need atleast 8 hours to function which is not always possible with my job. However, if I can get a little help in the bedroom area to help with beauty sleep I'm not going to deny any aid. And aid is in the form of silk! I've read that Madonna only sleeps with silk sheets so if its good enough for her I had to try it. In my case it was Branché Charmeuse Pillow Case, 100% silk pillow slip is meant to minimize morning creases, extend the life of your hairstyle and diminishes frizz. Basically, the creator Donna Hinds was inspired to create these cases when growing-up her mother used similar pillow cases in order to extend the life of her hairstyle in between salon visits and her mom woke with less facial creases so Hinds designed her own "vintage" inspired pillow case with the same principles in mind.
For more information & where to purchase:
Branché-the ideal Beauty Sleep

Perhaps I should get 100% silk sheets too so that my whole body will wake-up crease-free:)
Anyone else use silk sheets?
(image: branche)

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