June 23, 2010

Welcome to the Red Door {an after Spa oasis}

After a stressful day at work what could be better than a relaxing foot and leg message? I'll answer that one for you...nothing! During the day Che Bella Spa operates as the neighbourhood favourite spa. Note to self: book facial soon, only $80 which is a great price for the Toronto area. At night this cozy spa transforms into the Red Door, offering after-hour tranquilizing 45 minute foot and leg messages. My guest and I had the friendliest and gracious message therapists, Denise and Arthur. I wish they could come to my house after every stressful day at work! The Red Door is situated on the upper level of a charming, old-world building decorated with modern comfortable furniture. I felt like I was visiting friends. Tea and cookies were offered upon arrival and the friendly atmosphere was most welcomed at that time of night. The Red Door blissful foot messages services are offered every Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 7pm to 11pm. Prices: $55 per person, $100 per couple and $185 for a group of four. Great idea for bridal parties, birthday parties, or a romantic date! After you can walk down (if your legs aren't too relaxed) to one of the trendy neighbourhood restaurant/lounges in the area.
For more info or to book visit Che Bella Spa
10 Castle Knock Road, Toronto
(416) 485-1225

Do you have after-hour Spa services in your area? Share your experiences.

(images: photo credit Anna Lisa Sang)



  1. The spa you mentioned seems so wonderful! And I love the image! Looks like heaven hidden behind a big red door. Thanks for sharing...xo

  2. I couldn't agree more, massages are the best! Love them.

  3. looks so nice. :)
    thank you for sharing.


  4. Thanks for coming in Monica,we're so glad you liked it!
    Check out the Red Door website.


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