July 21, 2010

Babushka know's best {Babushka's Beauty Secrets Book review + giveaway}

Grandma always know's best...how many times have we been told by our Grandmothers old World "wives tales" or "our own little beauty secrets" and as simple as these secrets were they actually worked. Well, esthetician and salon owner Raisa Ruder thankfully listened to her Babushka 's(Ukrainian for Grandmother) beauty secrets. Alongside, Susan Campos (she blogs too) who specializes in Green beauty, fell in love with Ruder's babushka's beauty secrets and the two decided to emerge their ideas and write a beauty book, Babushka's Beauty Secrets: Old World tips for a Glamorous New You. The best part is is that all the ingredients are in your kitchen so with a little time you too can whip up your own beauty recipes and have great skin. The beauty recipes are easy to follow and easy to make, a few ingredients I've had to go out and purchase but for the most part it was just a matter of using left-over items. Which in fact was Ruder's babushka's motto, never let anything go to waste. Babushka actually created her own little beauty salon in her house back in the Ukraine, she was the Julia Child of creating natural skincare recipes, and was a skincare "rock star" in her village. One of my favourite tips is to use milk as a toner (actually works & skin looks great)...how inexpensive is that?!
Babushka's Top 5 Ingredients:
  1. potatoes
  2. vodka-also good as a girls night spa event drink:)
  3. milk
  4. olive oil
  5. eggs
Without giving away anymore beauty secrets you'll have to get your own copy...and guess what 3 lucky readers will! To enter simply follow these rules:
1-Only residents of Canada & the U.S are eligible
2-No P.O Boxes, sorry
3-if your not already please "follow my blog" (for an extra entry & let me know)
4-deadline: August 1st
For more info on where to purchase Babushka's Beauty Secrets visit online
Share your own family's beauty secrets, would love to read about it!

My boyfriend's aunt's beauty tip:
1-wash hands with lemon juice & sugar for soft hands
2-use the oil from the tuna can on your face as a moisturizer (umm I haven't tried that one yet)

(1) Emily
(2) Ella Pretty
(3) WindyCindy
CONGRATS & email me your address:-)


  1. I'm a follower!!

    I wish I had family beauty secrets... I must be drawing a blank right now.



  2. I've heard of lemon juice as toner, an aspirin facial, but I've never heard of tuna oil as a moisturizer! Fish oil is probably good, but don't get too close to the kitties. Meow!

  3. I can remember using baking soda for toothpaste, putting mayonnaise on my hair to condition it and spritzing my face with rose water to keep my makeup fresh...
    Many thanks, Cindi

  4. I'm a follower!

    My family beauty secrets:
    -massage warm coconut oil on the scalp and hair at least once a week for healthy hair
    -Mud masks mixed with rosewater - there is a certain type of mud/clay sold in a brick form. You crumble it with rosewater and apply to your face - leaves you with such clear skin. We had some when I was a teen, but I haven't found any bricks recently.

  5. Babushka is RUSSIAN for grandma :) Hehe...

    But for some reason, I always balk at putting strawberries and yoghurt on my face...just seems so sticky! Maybe I'll try it next time :)

  6. Yes Russian too & I believe a few other languages too...

  7. I remember my mother using mayo and egg yolks in her hair, and adding sugar to any liquid soap for a natural exfoliater, though I think the real family beauty secret is in our genes. My mom is in her mid 50s and still looks great and is in fantastic shape. :)
    I think it's fun to learn about and use the beauty rituals passed down through generations.
    On a random note: My family is from Wales and we call my grandmother Magee.

    I've been a follower of your blog for a while now and have purchased more than a few items you have reviewed or suggested. Thanks for the giveaway, Monica!

  8. Soak feet in Green Tea. It really softens them.


  9. I just found your site, and started following. : )

  10. -Vaseline around the eyes to eliminate crows feet
    -brown sugar mixed with cleanser as an exfoliator


  11. I'm *SO* excited - thank you! I've emailed you my address!


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