September 15, 2010

How to...Marion Cotillard at TIFF {hairdo}

My motto is when in doubt K.I.S.S, Keep It Simple Sister! And Marion Cotillard did just that in the hair department at the TIFF premiere Little White Lies, in order to acheive her look celebrity hairstylist Robert Vetica used Moroccanoil® products;
“I first gave Marion a new haircut with bangs to reshape her hair and make the bangs prominent. I then blow dried her hair using argan-oil infused Moroccanoil Treatment to give smooth shine and protect it from the heat of the dryer.
After making a low, side part, I blow dried her hair from the part to the side, and did a bit of back combing to add some fullness at the crown. I sprayed Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray to help the teased hair stay in place.
I then re-wet her bangs and restyled them, adding just a bit of Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream to give her hair a touch of weight and hold them in place. Next, I swooped up the hair into a high ponytail placed just below her crown.
Finally, I wrapped the base of the ponytail with her own hair to cover the elastic. This gave the ponytail more swing, thanks to its greater width. "
For a review on the Moroccanoil Treatment check out a blast from the past review, here!
What is your easy K.I.S.S hair-do?
(disclaimer: non-paid post, post is meant to be infomative & easy how-to do look)
(image: Joe Scarnici for GettyImages)


  1. i love marion cotillard so much!

    she's SO talented, ridiculously beautiful, and absolutely classy.

    i love her bangs and the bronzey tones around her eyes.

    as for my K.I.S.S. hair-do, i'm afraid it's quite boring. i have naturally wavy/curly hair so i just blow dry with a diffuser and straighten the bangs.

  2. my KISS hairdo wear a hat!

    love your blog, Monica!

  3. Crazy pretty, that girl is. Love this post! Thanks so much for all the great info. (:

    My K.I.S.S. 'do, I pull my hair into a ponytail and pull it halfway through so it looks like a makeshift bun, you know? And then I have shorter layers in the front that fall out so I twist those into my hair and bobby-pin it. Simple, but it looks like it has some kind of style to it. haha.


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