November 09, 2010

Joico K-PAK ReconstRx Vapor Iron {review}

In the latest attempt to straighten my wavy hair into a smooth hair goddess, Joico came to the rescue! Joico recently released a new concept in flat irons, a vapor hair iron that infuses hair with K-PAK Vapor Fuel, a heat protectant that diminishes hair damage. K-PAK ReconstRx Vapor Iron smooths your hair or creates waves using vented ceramic/silicone hybrid plates (only one side has vapor holes), you can either use the Vapor function or turn it off and use the flat iron like you normally would without the K-PAK Vapor Fuel. The benefits of using the Vapor function with the Vapor Fuel is to prevent hair damage, termed the World's #1 Hair Reconstructor, although my hair was left shiny and looking healthy I didn't notice any significant long-term reconstruction of hair. However, I also didn't notice any further hair damage. By using the Vapor Fuel function you also eliminate the need to use more hair products as the Vapor Fuel acts as a leave-in/heat protectant.
Overall, the design and function of the K-Pak ReconstRx Vapor Iron is pretty brillant because of the ability to turn on/off the vapor function thus not needing to refill the reservoir when you run out of product. The iron does come with a K-Pak Vapor Fuel bottle that should last 2-3 full-head stylings, however its lasted more than that on my below-shoulder hair length, more than 3x the amount. It does suggest not using other products than the K-PAK Vapor Fuel in the vapor reservoir thus I'm not going to suggest otherwise and try it at your own risk.  The only drawback was that sometimes the reservoir would leak a little. My hair felt smooth, looked shiny, and didn't feel dry at all (you can see the before & after pics) too bad you can't feel though.
For more information including further details about the Joico K-PAK ReconstRX Vapor Iron visit
Do you use a flat iron on a regular basis? What hair products do you use with your flat iron?
(disclaimer: A demo kit was provided for review. Review is based on my personal experience & no financial compensation is to be received for review. Photos are my property & a reflection of mentioned above products)


  1. wow. that vapor iron makes the hair so shiny!

  2. the outcome is very cool =)

    well. there was a time when i used flat iron almost every 2 days... But GOD.. it kills your hair.

    i've used Tresemme spray hit protection and Loreal Prefessionel - the serum in a violet bottle.

    Sure they help.. but they don't give a 100% protection =( so now. i'm trying to find another way to straighten my hair.. maybe learning how to blow dry and straighten them with a round as a professional hairdresser would be grate!

    but we can not keep ironing our hair.. it'll destroy them!


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