November 04, 2010

Leighton Meester's Guide to a Luscious Life {Herbal Essences}

Leighton Meester is ther perfect fit as Herbal Essences Global Celebrity Ambassador, she has great hair! Recently she was in Toronto and shares her tips on mostly...everything;

If only Herbal Essences North American Celebrity Stylist, Charles Baker Strathan (who happens to be a sweetie, met him last year at a beauty event), could come to my house each morning and work on my hair.
(image: Tom Sandler)


  1. hmm surprised that she actually uses herbal essences in her real life actually. Every time I use HE I get build up in my hair and irritation on my forehead meh.

    I noticed you said you added me to your blog roll, but I am not seeing it... ;P

  2. she's gorgeous! thanks for the post

  3. Hi Justine, I've fixed the blogg add:) Didn't save it properly last time. I find H.E styling products better than the shampoo & conditioners. I'm sure if we had a stylist each morning they could use crap & make us look beautiful:-)

  4. I looove Leighton, I've never used HE, have been addicted to Keraste my whole life but Leighton's hair always look healthy and full.
    Great post!


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