January 03, 2011

December'10 beauty faves {monthly ed.}

MAC 'Cham Pale' Special Reserve Highlight Powder
I raved about this a few weeks ago & still loving this powder. Amazing glow to the skin!

New Buriti Baby Body Butter - Baby
Slightly scented, moisturizing, perfect for Winter weather.

Winter glow-ellis faas.com
Review to come of this amazing makeup line by makeup artist Ellis Faas

Olay Facials Hydrating Cleansing Cloths—Normal/Dry Skin | Olay
Perfect for travel, these facial wipes are dry but you add water. Either these are the Dove wipes are fantastic at getting off all your makeup. I only use these when I travel.

Vaseline® | Petroleum Jelly
I like to use the 50ml squeeze tube & only recently rediscovered vaseline. My facial skin & lips were so dry I ended up applying this all over my face prior to bed & my skin looked great in the morning. I was worried this would clog my pores but no breakouts. However, take note I wouldn't use this every day, just for those extreme days of dehydrated skin.

Veet® Ready to Use wax strips
Can't believe I've never written about these easy to use face strip. Been using these for years to get rid of upper lip hair.

Look out for my top beauty picks of 2010, hopefully I'll post before the end of the week. In the mean time any stand-out beauty picks from December you'd like to share?



  1. I like using NADS strips for my upper lip - they're not so easy to find here - but I've seen them in dollarama of all places!

    The MAC powder looks beautiful - I'm a sucker for all highlighters/blushers/bronzers - but they take forever to use up - so it's hard to justify buying more!

  2. Great picks!

    Lovely blog!



  3. heh I like those wax stipes too, especially like the papers that come with the box to apply after you wax, they get rid of all the icky glue and make your skin soft again! :)

  4. Vaseline is heavenly. I use it all the time for my dry lips.
    Great blog. I'm following you now :).

    xoxo Steph (http://youngforeverrr.blogspot.com)

  5. I love the crumpled paper bag look of that MAC powder. I've seen so many great reviews of those two powders from the Cham-Pale collection that I'm having a hard time resisting. Looking forward to your 2010 favs!

  6. ooh, ooh, ooh!

    the cham pale highlight powder is GORGEOUS!

  7. Love the look of your blog!
    This new MAC collection it's just awesome! The highlighter looks so beautiful!


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