January 04, 2011

the Faves of the Favourites {2010}

2010 top favourites

2010 top favourites by beautyparler on Polyvore.com

Here are the top picks of all my monthly favourities. It was tough choosing but someone has to do it!
The Clarisonic Skincare brush hands down is the best skincare tool on the market. A proper review will follow shortly (I know you've been waiting for it but you'll have to wait a bit longer) sorry but this newly engaged gal has a wedding to pay for & must work...on a side note will take advice on any wedding budgeting tools.
Physicians Formula Bronze Booster
MAC cosmetics lipstick in shade
Mary Kay cooling bronzing stick (limited-ed)
Yves Rocher Perfect Primer in apricot
Glissandra facial serum

What were your top beauty favourites of 2010?


  1. the clarisonic needs to be in my life! what cleanser do you use it with?

  2. It came with cleansers but I'm saving those. I'm trying to finish up cleansers I have on hand. Right now I switch between two Olay cleansers. You can use any cleanser actually.

  3. I just got my Clarisonic and can't say enough good things about it. I can't believe I haven't owned one before, in just a short time it has made such a huge difference for my skin. I am interested to try that Bronze Booster.

  4. So happy to have some great references here. I really want to try a few of these products:)

    Also, I paid for most of my wedding so will definately share some tips as you go along. The best thing you can do is invest in time to research....and consider borrowing/renting things! I upcycled my own wedding shoes, borrowed centerpieces, and did a different take on wedding favors to name a few! :) Good luck!!

  5. Oh! Oh! Oh! I love makeup! I'm a new follower:) I found you from IHOD's blog.

  6. mine has to be Lorac's color me couture eye shadow palette!
    Colours go on so well and are saturated too.

    Thanks for sharing!



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