January 20, 2011

visit Bonita Bride! {my other blog}

Some news to share! So after much debate I have decided to keep all of my wedding inspirations separate. Think of it as an extension or bridal series of beautyparler.ca! Its also a method of keeping all of my wedding ideas together and organized, a means of trying to keep my planning as sane as possible.
Hope you enjoy Bonita Bride, I'm sure I'll be tweaking the design a bit but I'm pretty happy with the results.
Let me know what you think!
P.S-thanks Farah (from Faces by Farah) for sending me the bride sketch. What do you think of the header?


  1. oh yay you used the sketch i tweeted you!! exciting

  2. Thank you! Sorry I got it wrong the 1st time but credit is now given LOL!

  3. Oh Farah the sketch is beautiful! And very exciting that you have another blog devoted entirely to your wedding, so awesome! And it will be a lot of fun. FYI - I follow several wedding blogs - you might want to check out my blog roll. Oh, you have so much fun ahead of you. Is the wedding blog up as of yet? Sorry, I am sooo behind in my blog reading. But, anyhow I am sooo excited and I love the header! Side note: the artist of the sketch is truly gifted!

  4. Heather-I know its so pretty! But I'd love to give proper credit as I only have the initials of the artist. If someone knows the actual name? thanks!

  5. I will be checking that out! I have a bf getting married this summer! x

  6. Aww, so exciting! I'm off to follow the new blog - congratulations, by the way! I absolutely love the header. (:


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