February 06, 2011

not so pretty topic {SinuSense review}

When I was first offered to try the Waterpik SinuSense I thought, "well how am I going to fit this into beauty?". Basically, when we feel congested or have a cold we don't feel all that pretty so why not use that angle for my review. Also, when I mentioned to a friend that I was reviewing the SinuSense Water Pulsator he mentioned he uses a Neti Pot (same idea) all the time. I've actually seen the Neti Pot in my mom's washroom but didn't realize that genie-looking pot was for sinus cleansing. The technical stuff:
Eighty-one per cent of Canadians who suffer from sinus related symptoms do not currently use a sinus wash, relying more on over-the-counter medications.  Designed for everyone – from the mild allergy sufferer with minimal symptoms to consumers that rely heavily on their doctors and medications to treat their sinus ailments – SinuSense™ products provide consumers with a natural, easy, effective and BPA-free option for the treatment and prevention of sinus-related symptoms.Water Pulsator (new to the category) is the first and only product of its kind in this category.  The handheld Water Pulsator features a SoftSeal™ nozzle for maximum comfort and is battery powered for a maximum cleanse that reduces sinus congestion and pressure naturally.   The FlowControl™ trigger creates a gentle pulsating stream of water to cleanse, massage and moisturize the sinus passages.
For further info check out the Q&A page on their site!
My review:
At first, it was amusing to use but overall I do find that I breathe better afterwards. Due to my job, flight attendant, sinus congestion can mean a sick day so having a nasal cleansing system as part of my regime makes sense. I don't use this daily, about every two weeks. 
How do use the SinuSense Water Pulsator? Pour the saline powder in distilled warm water in the water chamber, shake a bit, attach the rest of the system and press the trigger. Easy! 
Do any of you use a nasal cleansing system? 
(product was given to review, no financial compensation was paid nor any obligation to review favorably) 

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  1. I use a neti pot every few days, and it really makes a difference to under eye circles! Your under eye area is far clearer and brighter after a few weeks use.



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