February 09, 2011

Spring cleaning anyone? {interiors}

That time of year is coming around soon...Spring cleaning! Fun right? Ha, not really but the sense of accomplishment and purging brings such relief. Would love to take a few pics of my vanity table but I'd just scare you at the moment...so those will have to wait a couple more months. In the meantime here are a few inspirational images. Who else Spring cleans their closets and/or vanity tables?
Aerin Lauder's dressing room
perfect for small spaces, love the look but not sure if I'd love having my shoes & purses in the bathroom due to the shower steam...
natural light perfect for applying makeup


  1. What gorgeous spaces!
    I neeeeed a bigger closet!


  2. Love all of these spaces! Specially the last one. I definitely like starting fresh every once in awhile and dumping or donating any old stuff I no longer use.

  3. Yes, starting fresh feels so good!
    I too need a bigger closet but am also so impressed how others organize in such small spaces.

  4. Picture #2..my dream closet!

  5. Love the colours in Aerin's room - and the second closet is my type of dream closet...but the 3rd picture disturbs me - everything is stored so neatly - but will all get ruined with the steam :-(

  6. Ella-yes does look a bit sterile:) Would add a few beauty books on the shelf but love that little enclosed area.

  7. Obsessed with the second the last picture. I want that bathroom/closet with ladder more than anything now.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  8. I will take that closet please!!

  9. i wish i could call one of this spaces mine hehe. great post.

    please check my blog


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