March 28, 2011

wanted! {O.P.I nailpolish)

What happens when beauty bloggers &/or beauty editors get together at events? We admire the latest PR promotional items that we're wearing which have reached our mail boxes before items hit the streets. Case in point, at a recent beauty event (unrelated to O.P.I) beauty editor Carole from Front Row Mag, pretty little hands were typing away on her blackberry when I gasped at her (she must've thought I was crazy). Her nails had the prettiest muted sage nailpolish I'd ever seen, nailpolish in question was Stranger Tides from O.P.I's Pirates of the Caribbean Collection. That same day I went back frantically searching my inbox looking for my O.P.I "dealer" only to realize I was too late in requesting a sample, they were out. Anyhow, I'll just have  to wait like till the collection comes out in May.  If you want to see the shade Stranger Tides head over to Makeup Junkie's blog where Joy has posted a review! What do you think of the shade?

(image O.P.I)


  1. LOVE Stranger Tides from O.P.I. - it's such a unique colour! Thanks for the shout out as well! How are the shows at LGFW going??

  2. How are the shows? ha ha not going well at all as I haven't RSVP'd to any. And now that my camera broke in NYC no reason for me to go as I'll have no pics + I might have to head back to NYC to place my bridal dress order.

  3. I need some of these for sure! loving pastels! :)

  4. If someone had told me about this I would've thought it was ridiculous (I kind of had that opinion of the Shrek line, really) but these colors are gorgeous! Who would've thought Pirates of the Caribbean and beauty products would ever marry!


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