May 28, 2011

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Contest {Philips Epilator}

Summer is here and the last thing you want to worry about is body hair. But when shaving just doesn't cut it because seriously who wants to shave their legs daily in the Summer. Last minute barbecue plans at a friend's house could be stress-free if unwanted hair is gone for weeks not days...answer, a Philips Epilator! Last year I  raved about the must-have Philips Satin Perfect Epilator  and when I was offered to try out the latest version, Philips Satinelle Soft Epilator, I decided instead to offer it to one of my lucky readers. I'm so happy with mine already there really wasn't a need to own two!
A review recap:
Easy to use and painless are not always terms used to describe hair removal but Philips SatinPerfect Epilator is pretty close to being the perfect at home body hair removal system. Depending on your pain factor you will feel a bit the first few times but no more than waxing, you just get used to it. Back in the early 90's I owned an epilator (the one with coils) now that sucker hurt, used it once and never again. So, I knew I had to try the newest modern version. Not only did the Philips SatinPerfect not have wire coils but its head is made of textured ceramic discs...sounds gentler too! Better yet you not only get the epilator head but a shave attachment for sensitive areas like your underarm and bikini line (unless of course your brave enough to use the epilator head for those was just not ready).

Features include:
·         Two speed settings: extra gentle and extra efficient epilation
·         Fully washable, metal epilating system: hypoallergenic discs for sensitive skin that remove hair as short as 0.5 mm
·         Double waved massage roller: lifts even short hairs for an extra close epilation and relaxes skin for  gentler hair removal at the same time
·         Shaving head attachment: perfectly follows contours of bikini line or underarms for a close and smooth shave. Comes with additional comb to cut longer hairs before epilation or to trim bikini area
·         Ice glove: soothing properties relaxes skin directly after epilation and minimizes irritation
·         Exfoliation glove: prepares the skin between epilation sessions by removing dead skin cells and leaving skin perfectly smooth and in optimal condition to epilate
·         Includes carry case and cleaning brush

(1) Open to residents of Canada ONLY
(2) Leave a comment about Your worst hair removal story!
(3) Entries will only be accepted under this post's comments section (i.e not on Facebook), one entry per person.
(4) ONE winner will receive the Philips Satinelle Epilator, each entry will receive a number which will be inputted into & voilĂ  a winner is selected. 
Deadline is June 10, 2011!
using to pick the winner.... is Christina!!

Christina said...

My worst hair removal story is when I try waxing. I end up all sticky, red, swollen with the hair still there!! That's why I would love to win an epilator! Thanks :)



  1. Oh - I'd love to try this - it's been a while since I had an epilator (I had to leave my last one behind a couple of years ago when I moved because of voltage issues).

    My worst hair removal story: I used to get brazilians done at a local salon by a lovely lady. One time I went and my waxing lady was no longer there - only the owner was available. When I asked her where my lady went, the owner made up some weird story about having her fired for theft (I'm more likely to believe my waxer than the owner - she gave off a very sketchy vibe). Anyway, she claimed she had taught my waxing lady everything she knew, and she'd be doing my wax that day....that owner was some deluded lady - she took off a layer of skin and I couldn't sit down for 3 days...owww!

    I've found another great waxer since then, and only go to her - you have to be very careful with bikini waxes LOL!

  2. I went for laser hair removal a few years back and it seemed to grow back less in between the sessions, however after i did 5 sessions and spent about $7 bills or so, it grew back more in places i didn't even have hair now back to reg shaving for me. It's unfort the laser works so well for most ppl but not all.

  3. Ok so my worst hair removal story, when I was about 13 I tried Nair for the first time. I left it on a little too long & ended up burning my sister came in the bathroom demanding to know what the stench was. I didn't want her to laugh at me so I refused to tell her. To this day she thought I was trying to give myself a perm :)
    Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  4. Worst hair removal story ever? I had MAJOR eyebrows as a kid, my older sister even used to joke that they grew across my entire forehead because of all the peach fuzz! Getting threaded for the first time meant that a normal 10-20min brow session took almost 45 minis, and she WORKED. The most pain I've ever felt:(


  5. My worst hair removal story was just last year when I tried Veet wax strips for the first time. I decided to use the strip on my underarm because I thought it would be great not to have to continually shave under there! I don't advise using wax strips on the underarm!! Not only was it extremely painful but I tore my skin leaving it red and raw for about a week. Not something I will try again :)


  6. Great contest! I'd love to try this epilator :)

    My worst hair removal story happened when I was a teenager and I decided to try a drugstore brand product that was like Nair. It smelled bad, but the worst part was I ended up having an allergic reaction to it. I remember having to wait for weeks before being able to shave again...

  7. My worst hair removal story... It was my first time ever trimming my eyebrows. I have very thick and bushy eyebrows and was not happy about it. so I watched people trim their eyebrows on youtube and I asked my friends about it. I thought i was ready and decided to trim it my self. I ended up with two major different eyebrows :(
    i had to draw it in for like two months till it grew back. Now i get it done at a salon. XD

  8. My worst hair removal story is laser on my face. After a year and a $2000 I still have hair. I stopped going to her as it's obviously not working. Although she kept saying, it's look great! Hopefully someone else opens in my region. Thanks for the chance!

  9. ps. my email address is

  10. Thx for the giveaway!

    My worst hair removal story would be trying Nair for the first time when I was a teen. I probably left it on too long and it left a funky smell on my legs!

  11. my worst hair removal story was when i first tried bikini waxing. i would normally shave but i thought of waxing as the hair wouldn't grow faster than shaving. it was the most painful hair removal experience and some bumps were left after. altho bumps went away after 2 days i believe. never bikini waxed again after that lol.

  12. my worst hair removal story was when I used hot wax for my brows, I lost half my brow.... from then on I only tweeze

  13. My worst hair removal story is when I try waxing. I end up all sticky, red, swollen with the hair still there!! That's why I would love to win an epilator! Thanks :)

  14. My worst hair removal story would be my first time.

    It was back in grade 7 or 8, and my mom refused to let me shave my legs! She said that if I shaved my legs, they would grow back thicker...well when she had to leave the country suddenly, I took it as my opportunity to go buy a razor. I came home and got all excited.
    That was until I starting by shaving the back of my ankle. I didn't realize how much pressure I should be putting, and...sliced a huge chuck out of my skin. I was bleeding like mad, and was convinced that I was being punished for 'disobeying' my mother. LOL oh man...I was naiive enough to think that I was going to die from all the blood that was flowing out...however I was too scared to tell my dad...and rather embarrassed >_<

    anyway still got the scar, but being older, wiser, I still shave but make damn sure I am applying the razor lightly to my skin! haha...

  15. Using a razor on my bare legs - I wanted to wear shorts but didnt have time, so I thought I could get away without putting lotion/shaving gel. It felt great 5 minutes in but it was a BIG mistake! My legs were streaky red and they burned!

  16. My worst hair removal story was when my husband was going to get his vasectomy. We weren't sure what they expected down there hair-wise so I suggested we use some wax strips to clear the area. Ummmm...not a good idea! I guess that's an area best left to professionals!

  17. I had my first brazilian last summer and my crotch was hurting for a week. It stung when I showered, used the washroom - everything! Never got one since.

  18. OMG! My worst hair removal story happened a long time
    ago, on my "shaving debut".

    I was almost 14 years old. My older sister was getting married
    and I was going to wear high hill shoes for the first time. I was soooo excited!
    Then I decided that I was a total grown up and I had the brilliant idea of shaving my legs, as grown ups do.
    Then only little problem is that I did it when I was getting ready for the wedding. I was running late, so I had to rush to through the process ... Can you imagine the final result???

    I went to the wedding with band-aids all over my legs. I didn’t know, but people cold see them through the nylon thighs. I just noticed how visible they were, when I saw the wedding pictures. LOL

    This is definitely a bad memory to keep, but whenever I hurt myself while shaving, I remember that!

    C :)

  19. Monica, I know this contest is over but I have a worst hair removal story. I eventually got used to an epilator then one day I got the bright idea of using on my lady parts. Worst idea ever. I couldn't walk properly or even sit down properly for a week. There were a ton of ingrowns and it looked like I was a plucked chicken. Never again.


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