June 16, 2011

just a {tad} busy...

Within the last four years of blogging this is the first time I can officially write...I'm just too busy. Bloggers all have personal lives outside of the blogging realm and I can attest that all my free-time is taken up by blogging and attending beauty related events. Not complaining because this little "hobby" of writing has occupied my life for the last few years and I continue to love beauty and fashion. The fact is life happens! And with the wedding only four months away, a trip to Paris next month, the bridal shower in August, oh and finding a house to buy with my fiance...you get the picture. I can't commit to regular posting which has already been irregular these last few months. I do have a few posts that I want to share so I'll try to get those up....
And you can always check out bonitabride.blogspot.com, where I'll try to post a little bit more on the wedding planning.
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  1. it is hard to keep up with all this blogging when life is hectic i recently moved house while running a business & expanding it too (no wedding though) good luck with it all


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