June 06, 2011

Ombre Hair-the latest trend

Ombre hair has been the latest hair trend these past couple of months, easier to achieve in the Summer as hair tends to naturally lighten. What is it? A darker hair at the root which gradually lightens down the hair shaft, works best with highlighted hair. Or a look which looks like you need to touch-up the roots, which I'm on the fence about. Perhaps I'm in the minority here but I'm not loving the Ombre hair trend. To me it looks like greasy hair, no time for the hairsalon, and just plain lazy hair (in a bad way). There are examples of Ombre hair that do look great, mainly 1-2 shades lighter and placed as highlights.
Good Ombre Hair
Lily Aldridge, gorgeous hair for Summer
(both above images via iknowhair)
Hilary Duff
Mila Kunis
Bad Ombre Hair
Drew Barrymore
Ashley Simpson
(via PWStyle)
What are your thoughts on Ombre hair?



  1. I think the Ombre is really nice when done right. I feel that it's better on those who have a natural wave to their hair (or those who wave/curl their hair regularly) as it looks kinda strange on straight hair.

    I don't think I'll get into this trend. I'm just sticking to my regular highlights this summer. :)

  2. yes, agree totally looks really nice on wavy hair but blah on straight.

  3. I actually really love ombre hair. When I am too lazy to get my highlights done, I can now say that it's ombre :)))

  4. Looks like someone is too lazy or doesn't care enough about their appearance to touch up the roots. On wavy hair, yes, it doesn't look as bad than on straight hair, which would look hideous. Does laziness now equate to trendsetting? Well, that's one style I certainly won't be advocating or trying, thank you.

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  5. You're not alone, I never really understood this trend. I think it looks nice in the pictures you showed (first few) on wavy hair, but at the same time the pictures aren't people with naturally wavy, the curls were done with a curling iron. I have curly hair and I can get away with my roots growing in for longer than straight haired girls but I don't I could ever convince anyone it's been done on purpose :P

  6. its a do for wavy- beachy hair! looks a bit strance on straigh hair thou

  7. I don't get it, it looks like super grown out roots to me.

  8. I can't help but l-o-v-e it! I've been seriously considering taking the plunge at Bumble & Bumble lately. xo Lola


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