July 01, 2011

Happy Canada Day with a Royal touch

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Will & Kate, are in Canada on their first Royal visit as a married couple. Here she's wearing the same Reiss dress as she wore for her official engagement photos...love that! And the Maple Leaf inspired fasincator, I am impressed. Starting to like her fashion choices more and more.
(credit: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Paul Chiasson)

Happy Canada Day & enjoy the long weekend!!!


  1. I agree with you! Her charm seems to increase with her media exposure - not typical of people in the public eye, I think, and surely a testament to her personality. I'm finding myself more and more engaged by her fashion choices - she embodies a sort of effortless elegance that I just love.

  2. Yes, exactly!
    The only thing is that black liner...seriously loose it. Otherwise love the rest of the makeup:-)

  3. Okay that hat is to die for! How brilliantly clever! she is so beautiful!

  4. I thought she looked beautiful but I couldn't stop obsessing over the size of her non existent waist!


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