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Do's & Don'ts for the Holiday Season

Have you thought about how you'll be doing your makeup for the festive Holiday season? Usually a black lined eye or a bold statement lip works for me. What is your beauty Do's and Don'ts for the Holiday Season?
image: Luca Cannoniere, via
D&G Fall 2011
image: Luca Cannonieri, via
Gucci Fall 2011


  1. I love your blog!!! It is soo clever... When I saw "Parler" I instantly thought you musn't be too intelligent. I was quickly proven wrong when I opened your page and saw how beautifully layed out everything was and the description on the right hand side bar!!! Love it :) Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks again Monica for great advice in regards to Tsubuki shiseido shampoo and conditioner! Smells heavenly! You know your stuff!
    Diane :)

  3. I'm very impressed of your blog, your posts are very informative and interesting.


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