January 09, 2012

an inspired living space {interior design}

Last year it was the planning of the Wedding that kept me away from beautyparler.ca this year its the starter home! Hopefully, you won't mind me sharing my design ideas, inspirations, and before/after images from my new home. For the most part all the major renovations are now complete. Ripped out the carpet in the bedrooms and replaced them with hardwood floors...yay as that was a top priority. Also, changed the vanity in the bathroom to an updated contemporary one & hope to change the kitchen countertops next year, gotta stick to a budget. This past weekend the whole place got a fresh coat of paint and what a difference a few alot of strokes makes. My husband and I wanted light, fresh colours so most of the shades chosen are in the grey/bluish family, very light. I've recently discovered kijiji , where have I been right? I had heard of kijiji before but never really checked it out but I'm amazed at what you can find. I'll be sharing very soon!!! I will share with you that I found a brand new grey couch similar to this one at a bargain price...can"t wait!!

living room

living room by beautyparler on polyvore.com
What are your favourite decor websites? Alot of my inspiration comes from blogs (of course) and store window displays from my travels.



  1. Your inspiration board looks great, can't wait to see how everything turns out. I love that map you have in the right hand corner. I find a lot of design inspiration from online mags like Lonny, Rue, and Matchbook. Also Pinterest has tons of inspiration!

  2. Thanks Jackie! I love that Toronto map poster too...just think I'm going to have to order it:)


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