January 17, 2012

MANGO Closes a few shops in Canada

Sad to hear that MANGO in Canada has had to pack their bags...inside sources have confirmed that a few of their stores will be closing. In Toronto, only the Yorkdale store will remain open (fond memories as I was actually part of the MNG team that opened that store). Cannot confirm the reasons but these stores will be closing by the end of this month, January. No closing signage has been displayed nor additional sales ontop of the usual sales this time of year so if you go by the stores you wouldn't even suspect a closure. Sad indeed!
(image: MANGO)


  1. The Yorkdale store was always the best one, anyway! Ah, memories.

  2. Is buying from Mango online safe and reliable? I have not seen a lot of positive reviews.
    I live in Toronto and it is December/2012. No more stores in the Toronto area.

  3. Where can I buy from Mango now??

    I have not seen/heard positive responses about shopping Mango online

    What do any of you (out there) know.

    There are NO Mango stores left in the Toronto area.
    What happened?

  4. Hi Renee, I haven't purchased online yet.


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