February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day {Travel Tuesday}

For the last few months I've attempted to give you a glimpse into my career, no not blogging...that's a hobby, but my job as a Flight Attendant. The job that pays for my beauty habit! Yeah or hmmm addiction, could buying all this makeup actually be a problem? Well, if your reading this blog perhaps we are all beauty junkies. Anyhow, that's not today's blog post topic (yes denial...) but let me keep on track. Travel! Every Tuesday (or a Thursday) I try to post images of my travels but its also important to note that being a flight attendant is not always glamour. Long days, short layovers, jet-lagged, lack of sleep, oh the list can go on but of course I love it! But this also means being away from your loved ones, especially on special Holidays, ok so I wouldn't consider Valentine's Day a holiday as my husband and I don't really celebrate. But this year it was a bit different, perhaps because it was the first year we are husband and wife, and are separated literally by an ocean away. Me in London for work and him in the U.S for work. So, what did I do...treated myself to sugar since my sweetie was so far away, excuses.
went window shopping
cute heart shorts from Joseph
stopped by TopShop
XOXO sweater
and of course what's a day in London without stopping into SuperDrugs
picked up:
Nivea Daily Cleansing Wipes for less than £2
Max Factor had a promotion 2 for 3:
Second Skin Foundation in 045 Warm Almond, due to bad store lighting this shade is a tad too dark (hate that) guess I'll have to mix with a moisturizer or another bad drugstore lighting mishap, but really nice formulation
Max Factor Xperience Volumising Mascara in shade Black, an old favourite
and Xperience Sheer Gloss Lip Balm in shade 08 Pink Opal, gorgeous sheer nude lips wished I'd picked up the other two shades
What did you do for Valentine's Day? Do you even care about Vday? 


  1. I had no idea you were a flight attendant. What an interesting career. Thanks for sharing your photos and i'm sure you and the hubby will be celebrating v-day when you are together


  2. Your job is pretty fascinating -- I'm glad you're posting more about it! Travel (especially air travel!) really forces you to concentrate your beauty products and routine, what with the dryness, weather variations, stress -- not to mention needing to be able to pack and access products without a lot of fuss. Can't wait to hear more on your expert perspective!

    Oh and I've almost always rescheduled Valentine's Day for the closest weekend, the same way people tend to move their birthday party to the following Friday or Saturday. Who has time to get all candles-and-lingerie on a Tuesday?! ;D


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