February 29, 2012

Ion Foot Cleanse

Why am I showing you a picture of my un-pedicured feet...because its a before shot of a recent Ion Foot Cleanse. So the images are a tad gross but its pretty cool to wait on the results of your foot cleanse. Basically, an Ion Foot Bath Cleanse is a detox thru your feet. In little than 30 minutes (bring a magazine) you'll watch the water turn from clear to soup-looking murky water. Salt is added to warm water & that beige attachment you see in the water is an ion cartridge which acts to draw out toxins in the body. The end result is based on the colour of your water which signifies the area of the body that has the most toxins.
Colour of Water:
Yellow/Green = bladder, kidney, urinary tract, female/prostate area
Orange = joints
Brown = liver, tabacco, cellular debris
Black = liver
Dark Green = gallbladder
White Foam = lymphatic system
White Cheese-Like particles = yeast
Black Flecks = heavy metals
Red Flecks = blood-clot material
Not the prettiest picture but you get the idea. Perhaps your skeptical on this Ion Foot Cleanse but I did feel great after the session and relaxed. On a recommendation I had this treatment at:
The Rising Sun
10330 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill
Have you ever had an Ion Foot Cleanse?


  1. This sounds awesome. Can't wait to try it!

  2. Let me know how that works out!

  3. That looks so incredibly gross that I must try it! LMK if you go again and I will come with!

    Best, Lisamarie

  4. I know right! For sure I'll let you know, there are various places in Toronto as this one is a bit far for me.


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