February 06, 2012

January Beauty Favourites {monthly edition}

January Beauty Faves

MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microperfecting Primer
One of the nicest feeling primers I've used, a nice light lotion that doesn't feel like a primer. No silicone-feel to it which I like. Doesn't feel like anything on your skin, breathable.

Vichy LiftActiv Derm Source Serum 10 - Youth Enhancing Serum
Nice light liquidy serum that absorbs nicely into skin, as my skin gets more dehydrating in Winter I like using serums under moisturizers to add that extra hydration + this has a new ingredient, Rhamnose, which targets wrinkles. Figure can't hurt to start the anti-aging routine (I did turn 35 last month *smiling* I'm not worried yet)

Giovanni Cosmetics Wellness Shampoo w/ Chinese Botanicals
One thing I hate about Canadian Winters (although this year can't complain as weather has been fantastic) is the cold dehydrating effect on skin & hair. This equals flakes, and I happened to see this at the grocery store & threw it in my cart. Glad I did as this is sulfate-free (trying that route at the moment), washes hair well & doesn't strip my hair. 

SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age Defense
I introduced this product into my skincare routine towards the end of January but within the last couple of weeks could already see improvement in my pores.  Looking at the ingredients & having used Salicylic Acid before at higher concentrations I was skeptical that at 1.5% I'd see a difference, it must be the rest of the ingredients and formulation that makes this a winner! It does smell very "sterile", I use this once a day at night every other night.  I will keep you updated with further results.

Lise Watier Aquarella Bronzing Powder Duo
I do love bronzers!! And this new Lise Watier bronzer is my new fave. Natural looking glow, I don't turn into a oompa loompa.

MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Cleanser
For years MyChelle is a skincare line that I've been wanting to try but for some reason kept on forgetting to order. I remember hearing raves about this line on Makeupalley.com & finally I got my hands on the MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Cleanser (now I want to try their whole skincare line). If you're interested in all natural skincare products highly suggest this line. No sulfates, good natural fruit & essential oils in products.
Marcelle BB Cream Beauty Balm
Marcelle has done their BB Cream research and hit-the-nail with this product! Feels and acts just like the Asian market BB Creams. Kudos! I know...I know... I'll do a whole post on BB Creams very soon. Keep your eyes open  for this one!

Virgin Organic Argan Oil
While strolling the beauty aisle at Winners (a discount store in Canada) I found Herbaflor Virgin Organic Argan Oil, 100% argan nut oil no added fragrance or silicones. I've been using this in my hair & after the above serums as I didn't want to add too many ingredients to my skincare routine as I was worried would be product overload. My skin has reacted well with Argan oil on the face. As a hair product just as great!

What were your favourite products last month? Anyone else use oils as part of their skincare routine? You can easily do a search online to see which ones are beneficial for which skintypes. Back in 2008 I wrote a post about the Oil Cleansing Method and links to beneficial oils, post here.



  1. The MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microperfecting Primer is actually REALLY good. I cant believe I took so long to use it.

  2. I know me too! That's what happens when you have too many products LOL...I have to do its own review.


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