February 11, 2012

Primer Worthy! {Make Up Forever HD Microperfecting Primer}

Why a Primer? A primer provides a base for the rest of your makeup, especially foundation. As it smooths out your skin, makeup lasts longer, and keeps oily skin matte or dry skin dewy. The formulation and primer shade also influence the outcome. Pick the primer suitable for your skin type and also the shade to counteract your skin concerns.
Green-cancels out redness, good for those with Rosacea
Light Purple/Mauve-sallow undertones
Pink-brightens & counteracts sallow undertones
Those are the most common primer shades found but other brands such as Make Up Forever have many other shades along with the above. Make Up Forever HD Perfecting Primer is one of the best primers I've tried so far. I tried the Neutral shade in the travel size which was part of the Make Up Forever HD Complexion Starter Kit (great value by the way), amazing!!
First, my primer needs might be different than yours. Using a primer daily is not part of my beauty regime, however, I do like using primer for long work days and special events. Also, primers tend to be very slippery, silicone based, and feel mask like. The Make Up Forever HD Perfecting Primer is oil-free and although it does contain silicone (that's how you get that smooth flawless finish therefore necessary in primers) it doesn't feel like a typical primer. Its texture is more like a moisturizer, a light lotion. Which gives me that dewy makeup effect after applying my foundation. A great base for dehydrating Winters, as it adds moisture and in Summer doesn't allow your foundation to slide off in heat. For hotter weather I use it alone as moisturizer under foundation.
It truly is an amazing product and no I don't get paid to write this (read my disclaimer at bottom of my blog page). I want my readers to make smart beauty product choices and if my reviews can help you that makes me a happy beauty junkie.
The travel size Make Up Forever HD Perfecting Primer can be found at:
What do you look for in a primer? And do you use colour primers? Name your favourite primers.

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