March 27, 2012

beauty edit: travel must-haves {Travel Tuesday}

Today for travel tuesday instead of the usual post with images of places. I bring you the travel must-haves! Leave the majority of liquids at home, because as a frequent traveler the only way to travel is carry-on luggage, and airport security is not liquid friendly. Read another post from the past on airport security and other beauty essentials, here!
travel essentials

Basically, any beauty liquids that can be replaced with non-liquids. Think powder, solid balms, paper-infused products, etc...

  • Skin-Care Facial Wipes: I prefer the dry kind that foam when water added vs. the wet wipes (as I find they dry up). My fave is the Olay Deep Cleansing Cloths.
  • Facial Powder Cleansers: not easily found in North America, these are typically found in Asia (try any Asian Supermarket in your area as sometimes they carry amazing skincare lines from Asia). When writing this post I just discovered carries DHC, hello...why didn't I notice this before! ebeauty carries the DHC Powder Cleanser, haven't tried it yet but the DHC Cleansing Oils are great. My fave is the FANCL Washing Powder.
  • Balms: anything in a balm formula! For eyes I love the Vichy Antiox Eyes.
  • Dry Shampoo: I don't favor dry shampoos for daily use but for travel they come in handy...flight cancellations, delays, you never know where you'll get stuck!
  • Blotting Papers: another product I don't really use daily but I see alot of co-workers use these so this recommendation is for those with oily skin.
  • Facial Cloth/Paper Masks: very convenient as your skin can get very dehydrated from the flight these disposable cloth/paper masks are hydrating and relaxing. I believe Walmart now carries various versions.
  • Vaseline: multi-use product, can be used for anything really! 

What are your favourite travel products?


  1. I like the idea of travelling with paper masks - such a great idea!

    We'll be flying to Asia this weekend - so I'll be stocking up on a lot of travel-friendly beauty supplies :-)

  2. Have a safe trip!!
    Where are you off to?
    Stock up on Shisiedo & FANCL


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