March 11, 2012

a decorating Sunday afternoon

mixing up frame styles
Today was one of those Sunday's spent at IKEA buying a few accessories, mainly buying Ribba frames to put great etsy prints I've purchased recently.  Can't wait to share my new home with all of you, but first a few finishing touches are still necessary. 
I love spaces with old charm mixed with modern influences. For me its all about those little touches, now that the main furniture pieces are in place its all about positioning of art work on the wall. Do I go with a gallery wall with an array of frames or a just a select few. Mix old charm picture frames with modern frames, oh the endless possibilities. 
keeping all the frames the same
scrape the gallery wall & having only a couple of pieces of framed art
via H&H
How do you display you framed pieces?


  1. Gorgeous spaces ~ especially loving the grouping of frames in the second one.
    I just posted a quad of prints in my guest bedroom :)


  2. very nice, I love the first one alot! that's my favourite way to display prints on walls


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