March 21, 2012

Personalized Skin Diagnosis {Vichy Event}

Interested in having your skin properly diagnosed? Head over to The Toronto Eaton Centre where the pop-up Vichy Health Care Centre will be until this Sunday March 25 2012. What makes this pop-up unique is that there are actual Vichy skin experts on hand who will use the proper tools to diagnose your skin-type, needs and concerns. You'll receive a Vichy skin prescription on which products will address your specific skin concerns.
Three different skin assessing tools are utilized;

  1. the Hydrometer: tests for skin hydration levels (in my case dehydrated, which is no surprise considering I travel half the month on planes)
  2. Microscopic Lens: determine skin needs & concerns (oh dear! Dilated pores, fine lines, and broken capillaries. Admittedly, very cool to see the extreme close-up) 
  3. a UV Photo: shows the amount of UV damage which has accumulated under skin (Thankfully, not bad! The more freckles you see and dark spots means the more UV damage) I've been wanting to have a UV photo for years, only a few dermatologists will have this special camera on hand.

skin close-up
The Hydrometer and Microscopic Lens are tools widely available where Vichy is sold, properly trained Vichy experts are at these location to assess. So, stores in Canada such as Shopper Drug Mart do have these tools. I've actually seen the Vichy tools at the Shoppers Drug Mart boutique-style stores but never thought to ask for an assessment. However, the UV Photo assessment is only available at the event. The Vichy event is free & samples are given as is a coupon.
What is your skin prescription?
(images: Mackay&Co and beautyparler)

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