April 25, 2012

Look Good Feel Better® with your Support

Earlier this month I lost a friend/co-worker to cancer, she was only 30 years old. In my opinion she didn't loose her battle to cancer but with my faith instead had a higher calling. We have all encountered cancer in our lives, either in the form of knowing someone who has had cancer or someone who has passed away. Perhaps closer to home, a family member or yourself.
Every woman likes to feel beautiful, if we didn't there wouldn't be countless beauty blogs. And regardless if your going through an illness, looking good makes us feel better. According to the 2012 Harris Survey:
  • Nearly every women surveyed (95% of women who haven't had cancer, and 97% of women with cancer) said that looking good makes them feel good.
  • About three out of four women with cancer (69%) said that prior to treatment their overall appearance was very important or important to their self-esteem.
  • The aspects of physical appearance that mattered most to women and had the most impact on their self-esteem before they began cancer treatment are hair (80%), skin/complexion (75%) and weight (79%).
  • 54% of women with cancer said people made assumptions about them based on the way they looked during treatment before they took steps to address the side effects of cancer treatment.
  • After addressing their appearance-related side effects, 70% of look good feel better participants reported feeling in control of how they looked, compared to 58% of women who addressed their side effects without look good feel better.(survey conducted by Harris Interactive (U.S) on behalf of the Personal Care Products Council Foundation)
The Look Good Feel Better® program is open to all women with cancer undergoing treatment. The program is made possible by the thousands of beauty professional volunteers. This week is the Look Good Feel Better® Week, more than 50,000 people with cancer in the U.S alone each year are helped through the program. In Canada over 100,000 women have been helped either through workshops and services.

For more info:
In Canada, LGFB.ca
In U.S,  LookGoodFeelBetter.org
"Its not about Makeup its about Confidence"
This post is dedicated to my friend and co-worker: a young courageous, independant, fear-less, loving woman. And to your friends that might be battling cancer. xoxo


  1. What a great program!

    Sorry for your loss :(


  2. Yes, it is:)

    Thank you Carrie...
    Makes you look at life in a different perspective.


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