May 30, 2012

around the office {Travel Tuesday}

Around the office, referring to my job as a flight attendant, is not what you imagine to be a typical office. Perhaps you sit at a desk; your familiar with those surroundings, those objects are what you see everyday. My surroundings at work and what I consider my desk are; a plane, a hotel room, a layover. Today's Travel Tuesday I bring you what I see everyday at work.
passport & agenda
my foreign money change purse & metro passes
my window seat
hotel card
foldable shopping bag (just in case)
What do you see everyday at work?


  1. Well I must say you definitely have the most interesting "office" I've ever seen! I see a bunch of papers piled up on my desk, my safety shoes for when I have to walk into the plant area, a few of my pictures and a bottle of water. I know not very exciting! I used to have hand cream but one day it was STOLEN off my desk so now it's kept in my drawer.

  2. That's so funny your hand cream went missing, bet it was a guy too!


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