May 10, 2012

Which MAC Cosmetics Fashion Set are you?

Being a flight attendant which category do I belong to? Did you know that not all makeup colour trends are equal across the Globe, each country has their trendy shade of the moment. Well, being a teen in the 1990's it is no surprise my favourite MAC Cosmetics Fashion Set is......SPICE!! And no I wasn't a Spice Girls fan. Ah MAC Spice lipliner, the coveted shade of the 90's Supermodels. A shade made popular by the late make-up artist Kevyn Aucoin. A shade made popular by all the kilt wearing Catholic girls at my highschool, can't even imagine how many MAC Spice lipliners we must have purchased.
MAC Cosmetics fans across the Globe regionally declared their shade; Spice shade falls under Africa and Europe. Guess, I am a Globe trotting makeup slut after all. What MAC Fashion Set are you?
MAC Fashion Sets: nail lacquer, lipstick, lipglass
available at MAC Cosmetics counters until June 28, 2012


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  1. I think you may have just converted me to Spice. Seriously. I'm looking online right this minute...


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