June 25, 2012

Philips Ladyshave Sensitive review {Hair-removal series}

Ladies, let us all go to the powder room and talk body hair! We all do it, unfortunately its part of being a woman. There are the painless and not so-painless procedures! This post fortunately is the painless method of hair removal; the Philips Ladyshave Sensitive shaver. The perfect shaver for legs as it can be used wet or dry, fits in hands comfortably, and so easy to use.

  • double foil shaving head that pivots
  • up to 40 minutes wire-free shaving (easily rechargeable)
  • aloe-vera strip for better hydration

Usage tips:
I was given the Philips Ladyshave Sensitive shaver for review and being a fan of the Philips SatinPerfect Epilator (which doubles as a shaver) I knew I'd love this shaver too. Actually the Philips Ladyshave is easier for travel and perfect for when you don't have time for other hair removal methods. Depending on hair type, shaving is not an option for everyone, for myself who has fine leg hair the Philips Ladyshave is so pratical and easy to use on my legs.

Methods (wet or dry usage):
For best results on my legs I found that using it dry was not only easier, mess-free, but also the closest and smoothest shave. For the best shave; apply baby oil first (my tip & no suggestion by Philips to do so) but I found this hydrated the skin better, not too oily but enough to rid of flaky skin. Also, hold the skin taut so that you get a closer shave!
This cute little shaver will be travelling with me this Summer!
For  more info:
visit Philips.ca
Do you shave your legs? If yes, do you use a razor or electric shaver?
(images: philips.ca, disclaimer: read blog footer disclaimer policy)


  1. Why i can't see the price of this product on Philips website, just wanted to check how much it costs.

  2. no price listed...I have seen it in stores and around $50 cdn. I use mine all the time!


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