June 19, 2012

routine stop, Brazil! {Travel Tuesday}

Today I contemplated blogging as I have a massive migraine but I didn't want another week to go by without a Travel Tuesday post. Most flight attendants (more likely all) will tell you they have their layover system, meaning their usual stuff-to-do list. This could include hanging out at their usual restaurants and shopping areas. I guess by hanging out at our favourite places and doing the usual stuff on our layovers gives our job and lifestyle a normalcy. A routine! Last week while in Brazil I snapped a few images on my cell while doing my usual routine.
so in the land of coffee I head to Starbucks, not all the time as there are amazing coffee shops throughout Sao Paulo but I needed wi-fi + that little cute dessert Brigadeiro is so good!
O Boticario, a popular cosmetics line in Brazil
can't go to Brazil without visiting a Havaianas store

a late-night snack
shoes from Dunes
Hope you enjoyed my Brazilian shopping routine!

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  1. Loved the leopard print flats you picked up - and it was great seeing you at the Annabelle event (although it was only for a moment!)


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