August 28, 2012

Festival of Flowers-Medellin, Colombia {Travel Tuesday}

One social event that is a must to attend is the annual Feria de las Flores. The Festival of Flowers is an explosion of colour, the festival occurs every August and lasts for ten days. Within those ten days; the city is under a siege of flowers, parties, and a must-see parade. Having purchased tickets for the Desfile de Silleteros parade in advance, I was excited to partake in a cultural parade of flowers, music and good company.
TIP: its not necessary to purchase tickets to see the parade but tickets guarantee a better and comfortable view. Included are; a snack, covered benched area, access to washrooms. My ticket also included a traditional straw hat, cloth bag and flowers.

The Desfile of Silleteros is a parade of flower arrangements made by local farmers, these arrangements are placed on silletas. These silletas are wooden chair backpacks, that traditionally were used by the farmers to bring their flowers to market. Prizes are given for the prettiest flower arrangements which fall in various categories including arrangements by children. Truly a sight to see and smell as the scent of flowers fills the air.
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