September 27, 2012

blog room almost ready! {Interior Design}

Back in March I wrote about my dream blog room. It's still in a state of disarray, sort of...I did get rid of alot of old clothes to make room for alot of beauty products. Geez, a girl can have too many beauty products. Wow! Did I just admit that? Anyhow, back to the room which I intend to stuff all my beauty crap stuff with. Maybe a Beauty Anonymous support group needs to be created.
First, the $45 desk which I found on Kijiji;
it has been; sanded down, primed, painted in an off white shade
& new knobs added
(final outcome to be revealed soon)
A shelving unit (also) from Kijiji purchased for $10 has been added to the room which I'm not entirely happy with but works for now. And a rug from Urban Outfitters that the husband doesn't like...wait its my room, right? He can have a say too. So, out with the rug!

blog room {part 2}

blog room {part 2} by beautyparler on Polyvore
Truth is I need more storage and not just for my stuff but my husband's also. So, thinking a tall-boy/dresser is necessary. Another necessity is comfort! Truth is the Eames tulip chair I originally wanted (replica by the way) is not very comfortable. Something with a bit of padding since I am on this computer all day.

Stay tuned for the final outcome....TO BE CONTINUED

How long does it take for you to decorate a room in your home? 

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  1. Ohh designated blog room! That's what I want for my makeup!! Can't wait to see it finished!


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