November 28, 2012

Beauty and the Boys {Gift Guide}

beauty buys for the boys

beauty buys for the boys by beautyparler
Boys love beauty products just as much as girls! Boys do you disagree? Maybe not love but you surely like. How do I know? Well, I catch my husband trying out a few creams from the beauty closet. You all do it. The occasional, "Whats this new cream for?" and its all good because as women we love to offer advice in that department. Here are a few stocking stuffers for the boy in your life because we don't always like to share...
For added moisture add a serum to your moisturizer, Consonant Body HydrExtreme, is not only unisex friendly but this serum packs a hydrating punch and great for aftershave irritation.
For dry lips a lip balm that moisturizes but without the glossy look! Kiehl's Scented Lip Balm #1 in coconut is the perfect little balm that smells delicious and moisturizes those chapped Winter lips. Also, packaging doesn't look girly! Pucker-Up.
For dry cracked Winter hands a hand cream that's unscented & created by a guy called George is perfect for the man in your life. George's Cream can be used anywhere on the body but the 30g size is handy for your car or coat pocket.
This is one product that us girls might actually take from you (to use on our legs), LUSH Dirty Shaving Cream, a rich thick shaving cream that smells great. 
A great smelling masculine scent, Schwarzkopf Professional [3D]Mension Texturising Cream creates the perfect messy-do or use it to create a retro sleek side-part.

What is the one beauty product that the man in your life always takes?


  1. Wow!!! Great gift ideas indeed! Now i know what to buy for my husband and love ones. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My boyfriend doesn't like the Lush Dirty Shaving Cream because it remains stuck on the blades of the razor and that annoys him. But it is a really good shaving cream. I am using it now and have to say it is great for sensitive skin.
    An alternative would be the D-Sensitive shaving cream from Biotherm. It is not as pasty as the one from Lush.

  3. @i_dz I find that the LUSH Dirty does that too so I just have to rinse the razor better. Thanks for the Biotherm tip!


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