December 02, 2012

Christmas tree is up...{Holidays 2012}

Did you put up your Christmas tree?
This is the first year my husband and I had the chance to actually put up a tree. Although we were handed the keys to our new home a year ago we didn't actually move in till the New Year of 2012.
This year we opted for a real tree, mainly due to shortage of storage a real tree was a better option. I also love the smell of a tree...just smells like Christmas when you walk in the door.
We wanted a small tree..well 6 feet later we came home from IKEA with this!
If you buy a tree at IKEA for $20 you get a $20 gift certificate (must spend $75 or over).
So, now we had a bare tree. Decorating for the Holidays can get expensive...all my ornaments are from various stores but I must add that the nicest ones turned out to be from Dollarama (a Canadian branch of dollar stores). Amazing what only a few dollars will buy with a little imagination!
What colours did you choose this year for decoration?


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