December 05, 2012

the Shoebox Project {Holiday 2012}

the Shoebox I put together

As a beauty blogger I have far too many beauty products! For the most part I try to give to family and friends as I am unable to use up the amount of products I have. During this time of year the best is to give to those less fortunate. For many, they might see beauty products as frivolous however for a woman who has had to seek help from a shelter a cosmetic item can be the difference of a smile! One beauty product can be the confidence booster a woman needs; going to a job interview, meeting an old friend, etc...Something as simple as wearing a lipstick or a dab of perfume. Whatever the reason a simple gesture of giving what we already have too much of is the perfect gift. The Shoebox Project for Shelters is a non-profit initiative that collects shoe-size boxes filled with products for women in shelters. Thanks to my friend makeup artist and blogger, Joy David-Tilberg for bringing this cause to my attention. Check to see if your community has a similar project or just drop off shoe-size box full of goodies at a local shelter. Make sure to check any requirements; some shelters will not take used makeup items, in this case no concealers or foundations.
For more information:
for those in the Toronto Area donations are being accepted until
Monday, December 10, 2012

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  1. Thank you SO much for sharing this monica. A simple way to lift someones spirits and self confidence. Can't wait to check it out! x


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