March 15, 2013

Garnier Olia: a new at-home hair dye

Not one to dye my hair at home on a regular basis as I find can get; messy, smelly, and blotchy. I am thoroughly impressed with Garnier Olia at-home hair dye. My favourite is that it's ammonia-free and the first at-home hair dye to be oil based. For dry hair like mine that is an intense conditioning treatment dream!
Admittedly, I cheated as Garnier's Styling and Colour Expert, Nina Farrauto coloured my hair.  She suggested Garnier Olia shade 5.0 Medium Brown, two boxes were used for my long hair. Nina also suggests for those with long, thick hair to use two boxes to ensure proper saturation. Leave on for 30 minutes!
Nina's tip * when using at-home hair dyes stay within two shades of your hair colour. Anything more than that use an expert!
And the results....
A gorgeous shiny chestnut brown shade! Hair is left super soft and natural looking. My favourite part of the dye process is that Garnier Olia actually smells good for a hair dye, no chemical smell.

Are you an at-home hair dye type of gal or do you prefer to leave it to the experts? Share your stories in the comment section. Any horror stories?

(disclaimer: service was offered courtesy of Garnier however outcome is based on my experience using Garnier Olia)


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