March 18, 2013

Spring Love from Urban Barn {Living Room}

Modern Chic: Urban Barn

The first-time homeowner’s excitement can be all-consuming. Home décor ideas swirl around 
and all you can think about, it seems, is how to execute that vision. A little more than a year ago 
I was in predicament – how to furnish a home from basically nothing. 

My queen-sized bed that served me many years was accommodating enough, but did it fit my 
design sense? Not really. Magazine tears of how I envisioned my first place looked nothing like 
the hand-me downs and budget furniture buys that reflected my twenties. As a newlywed, I not 
only had to consider my style, but that of my husband’s. We summed up our style as “Modern 
Chic” – a style that will hopefully continue to suit us for our first few years of bliss. Having an 
Urban Barn store not too far from us meant that we could afford stylish furniture minus the 
frustrating hours of trying to assemble it. We started by pairing cute accessories with key 
furniture pieces.

But, where to start? The key is to choose one room. Start with spaces you use most often, such 
as the bedroom. It should not only be comfortable, but also a reflection of your design sense. 
Buy classic key pieces and get trendy accessories that can be changed so you don’t get bored.
Start with a classic chic bed;

The Greyson Custom bed, is one of my favourites and you can choose from countless fabric and shades – our fave being grey! As we are not fans of matchy furniture, having a bed frame that didn’t match the rest of our furniture was key. 
Therefore, chic mirrored side tables would be the perfect compliment.

Add a rug to give the space warmth and style; we like the Lynden Rug.

Of course, purple is my favourite colour and combined with grey, equals a classic modern touch 
in the form of lamps for the side tables.

Accent pillows are where you can get fun with décor. They’re easily replaced and add colour. 
Love the idea of this bird cushion mixed with a few other different pillows for a plush bed.

Finding the right first key items will get you motivated to start other rooms, but take your time. 
Be fun and give each room its own personality. Even after a year we are still decorating other 
rooms in the house and editing items. 
If you style your home just the way you like you’ll never want to leave (well maybe to shop for 
more household items.)

Urban Barn offers a stunning array of furniture, home decor and accessories that will look right 
at home in your place, for years to come. By shaking up a winning cocktail of great design, 
quality and value with liberal splashes of fun, they've become a true favourite of the style 
conscious shopper. 

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Urban Barn via Glam Media Canada. The opinions 
expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of 
Urban Barn


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