May 13, 2013

Maternity Mondays: Stretch Mark Prevention

stretch mark reviews

Those pesky light skinned lines that every woman hates, nobody likes stretch marks. Of course prevention is not always successful in any pregnancy but if I could do my part in atleast preventing just a few marks I'll be a happy mommy. Realistically, it's going to happen! Have you seen a women at nine months and the size of her belly? No way there's no stretch marks I don't care how much you slather yourself in potions. And its not just the belly; breasts, arms, back, legs (I've been told). Now, of course if I didn't think I could somewhat prevent just the severity of the mark and perhaps a few streaks than I wouldn't bother with all of the creams. But thus far I think I've succeeded...of course I won't know for certain till the baby is here. Here is a review of the "potions" I've been testing out. 

Live Clean Baby & Mommy Bath and Message Oil
A light weight oil that glides and moisturizer amazingly. Contains: safflower oil, oat kernel oil, Vitamin E and aloe, chamomile, Lavender botanicals  Free of: parabans, petroleum, phthalate, and phosphates.  Basically, I use this everywhere as a moisturizer concentrating more on the belly and breast area. Use this 2x a day, morning and night. retail $6.99

Hydra Mar Stretch Mark Cream
A light lotion containing: arnica montana flower, Vitamin E, cannabis sativa seed oil, squalane, and Vitamin C. I don't find this hydrating enough and apply this after my oils. I also apply on areas I already have stretch marks. Haven't noticed any significant difference but will continue to use until finished but not my favourite. Like the scent! Found this at Winners (discount store in Canada) sale $8.99

LOVE MY...Body Butter
This is an all natural body balm containing all raw organic ingredients; shea, vitamin e, cocoa butter, avocado butter, coconut oil, and argan oil. It's a multi-purpose item and not just for pregnant belly. Love the way it emulsifies between the fingers making it an easy to apply oil. I will definitely use this for my entire pregnancy because of the feel and organic ingredients. $15 for 60ml to purchase contact: 

Any favourite stretch marks creams?


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  1. I used Dr Hauschka Blackthorn oil and don't have ONE stretch mark! But my mother didn't get them either - I think genetics counts for a lot...


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