May 01, 2013

Recycle & Re-use: maternity wear

Recycle and Re-use clothing? A big yes! Especially maternity wear. Now that I am four months pregnant and not fitting into my regular clothing time to go shopping. But wait, before you spend a fortune on new clothing that in reality you'll only be wearing for another five months ask friends if they're willing to donate any of their old maternity pieces. 
One of my co-workers was generous to give me a box of maternity clothing.
Unfortunately not all of it fit or suited my style, however, I picked items that I liked and others that could be altered.

The above jeans were wide-leg jeans and looked like floods, as they were too short.
I didn't touch the length, took them to my local seamstress and asked to get them tapered in.
(Wish I had taken a before picture)
These GAP maternity jeans are now customized to my size!
Try it with other pieces.


  1. OMG such a great idea! They look fantastic and you would never know. And LOVE your baby bump!! So cute! Too bad I gave all my maternity stuff away. Didn't have too much though - just bought things in larger sizes. Pants, however, were maternity. :)

  2. Love them - they look so chic! And it's so nice not to have to go out and buy lots of new clothes....

  3. Thanks ladies!
    And only $8 to alter.


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