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NARS: satin lip pencils {review}

This past Spring 2013, NARS released a collection of thirteen lip pencils. NARS satin lip pencils are jumbo-size lipsticks in a pencil format. Creamy, smooth and with a satin finish these pencils are amazing!!
I love the convenience of a lipstick in a pencil format because of the ease of application and portability. The colour selection is great, although I only have four pencils I love each colour.

Fantastic coverage and pigment too. The CONS:  wish the pencil was a twist up vs. having to carry a sharpener. And the darker colours tend to bleed in the hotter weather (with a clear lip pencil it's not so bad).
on the right you can notice a slight bleed,
this is one of my favourite of the four shades I own especially for Summer,
labelled as a vivid watermelon.
Love this shade for Summer!
The ultimate colour for this hot weather,
labelled a shocking pink.
This shade is going to be my Fall 2013 pick!
Labelled a cardinal red.
This is an all year round shade, perfect for a natural day look or paired with a smokey eye,
labelled as a peach beige.
retail $30 cdn

Which shade do you like best?


  1. My favorite lip pencil is quickly becoming a stub, and I've been wondering how to best replace it. Isola Bella looks like a pretty good replacement -- thanks for posting an awesome review!

  2. These look a bit sparkly for a satin...? Hey, does NARS have a similar item in matte?

    They are pretty, but -- and I hope you don't mind my saying this -- they are a bit on the noticeable side for my taste for a lip liner.

    Your lips are very pretty, though. :)

    Mel at

  3. NARS makes a Velvet Matte finish pencil but haven't tried it so can't say how matte it truly is.


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