September 09, 2013

Hospital Bag for Mama-to-Be {maternity}

Maternity Hospital Bag

It's almost that time that is! Can't believe how fast nine months seems to have passed. Here's a little update at where I am now:

how many weeks: 38 weeks
sex of baby: it's a boy!
stretch marks: don't notice any but I guess I will afterwards
maternity clothes: mostly maternity jeans & leggings
skincare: using a mix of everything: Neutrogena, Vichy, Mary Kay, Skinceuticals
overall well-being: swollen & back pain but can't complain
wedding ring on or off: no rings at all, fingers look like sausages
cravings: ice cream & pizza

Now on to the hospital bag for mama! As this is my first I had to do a little research so I hope I got everything. Fortunately the hospital is only a ten minute drive from my house. Also, if all is well with baby and mama they tend to discharge early in Canada. Prior to birth my husband and I had to set-up an open house tour with the hospital; basically it's a 3 hour info session with other couples, register which was great because hospital already has all my info on file i.e health card number in Canada and health insurance, got to see the rooms and where to go when in labour. I found all of this very helpful for first time moms and the fact that I am new to the area and unfamiliar with that hospital.
The list:
  • sanitary pads (I purchased Poise incontinence pads as recommended and Always overnight pads with wings)
  • disposable breast pads
  • 2x nursing bras with no wire
  • socks
  • slippers
  • flip flops for shower (not shown)
  • maternity tank top
  • 2x button-down pj's
  • robe (not shown)
  • underwear (granny panties)
  • lipbalm
  • facial spray
  • shampoo, conditioner and leave-in (for my dry hair)
  • hair ties (not shown) 
  • tooth paste, tooth brush and floss
  • body wash & lotion
  • body oil (to be used on belly and extra dry spots)
  • nipple cream
  • deodorant
  • peri spray
  • facial skincare; including facial wipes and spray as a refresher
  • makeup (but I don't think I will be using much just the tinted moisturizer)
  • essential oils (please read further info on using essential oils during pregnancy) I've been using Saje Mother's Wellness Soothing Blend & love it before bedime (I no longer see it on the site not sure if discontinued, F.Y.I not the exact same item in collage)
  • your I.D (insurance etc...)
  • camera & batteries
  • cell phone & charger
  • snacks
  • baby bag in upcoming post!
And I am ready to go!!



  1. Yay! Almost time! Good luck! Wishing you all the best!

  2. Good luck with everything! And I'm definitely going to refer to your list when it's my turn. I'm almost 32 weeks now. Keep in touch.

  3. @ Caroline, Thank you! And let me know how your hospital bag packing goes! Goodluck as well!


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