October 15, 2013

Hard Candy Heavy Duty Concealer: must-have

Hard Candy eye concealer

You know that one beauty product you can't live without? You're constantly looking for better even though you already have several favourites. For me, it's concealer! And blushes and bronzers...ok so I have several repeat purchases but concealer is high up on the list.
I discovered makeup in my teens; I exchanged my thick eyeglasses for contacts and realized that my face wasn't overpowered by large plastic frames. Suddenly, my dark circles took the place of my eye glasses. My love affair with concealer began!
For years I used MAC Studio Finish Concealer, after that countless others. Most recently on an impulse I purchased Hard Candy Heavy Duty Concealer. Hello (the heavens open) this concealer is a must!
medium to full coverage
doesn't smudge
easy to apply from a squeeze tube
one dot is enough for both eyes
good as an eye lid primer
light reflecting properties

colour selection is limited
I have the light/medium shade & slightly lighter than I'd like but still works

For now my concealer hunt has stopped. Will definitely be repurchasing!

What is your current favourite concealer?


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