December 16, 2013

BIC® Flex4® and the Toronto Raptors: Male Mondays

Toronto Raptors, BIC Flex4 razors, shaving
Clean shaven Raptors? As in the Toronto Raptors and a smooth shave with BIC® Flex4® Razor. It is the first time BIC® Flex4® has sponsored a professional team at the national scale. The affordable disposable razor makes it easy to get a smooth shave: featuring four flexible blades and an aloe plus vitamin E strip for an ultra-close shave.

Toronto Raptors DeMar DeRozan and the Foot Locker Dance Pack
Male contributor, Christian, attended the launch of the BIC® Flex4® at the swanky old-school style Garrison by the park Barbershop. In attendance was Toronto Raptor, DeMar DeRozan and the Foot Locker Toronto Raptors Dance Pack and Stripes. Christian got an old school shave with a modern blade, the BIC® Flex4®

BIC Flex4 Razors and the Toronto raptors

Garrison's by the park Barbershop, BIC Flex4 razors and the Toronto Raptors

BIC Flex4 and Christian getting a shave

Christian at the BIC Flex4 event

 BIC® Flex4® is sold at most major drug stores and department stores across Canada:
(images: courtesy of Strategic Objectives)


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