January 14, 2014

The Beauty Room: Facial & giveaway!

The beauty room in Toronto

Getting facials is a treat for my skin and although I don't get them as often as I'd like my skin afterwards always look much better. Having combination skin I tend to get very congested on my nose and cheeks so for myself a facial is a means to get rid of blackheads without me damaging my own skin. Let the professionals do extractions, you can actually do more harm at home than good.

Last month I had the chance to get a facial at, The Beauty Room. Owner and esthetician, Amanda is amazingly gentle (I dozed off a couple times). I had the Oxygen facial which also includes an arm/hand and neck/shoulders message. Much needed post-pregnancy mommy time!!

Guess what: Amanda is generously offering one of my Toronto area readers the same treatment complimentary!

(1) what are the benefits of getting a facial?
Facials have many benefits.  They’re not only wonderful for your skin, but they’re also fantastic for your mind and body.  You get to zone out and relax for 90 minutes and enjoy a great neck and shoulder, and hand and arm massage, all the while have your skin looked after.  My clients sometimes doze off even during the extractions! 

Facials clear up congestion (those pesky blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples); they prevent pre-mature aging (think lines and wrinkles); and they repair the skin with antioxidant-rich products that are designed to combat environmental damage and biological aging.  Of course, depending on the type of facial you get, the list goes on and on.

They are not just about washing your face and putting layers of creams on, then being left in the treatment room for 20 minutes while your masque “sits”, and finally you end up leaving with blochy, red skin — an experience that’s been described to me, surprisingly by numerous clients.  They should give your skin that glow, a brightness which when your friends see you after your treatment says, 
“You look great!  What’s different about you?”
(2) How often should one get a facial?
One can have a facial every month!  Skin cells take approximately 28 days to turn over, so at the end of that cycle, we want to slough off dead skin cells that have built up, as well as encourage newer, fresher skin to come to the surface so that your skin can have that radiant glow.

(3) What's the #1 skincare concern you're asked time & time again?
“My skin feels dry and I use a really heavy cream, but it doesn’t seem to help.”
So that’s when I would analyze my client’s skin under a magnifying lamp and see what type of skin they have.  I would then find out what kind of products they use, what their skin care routine is, their lifestyle, etc., so that I can figure out how we might be able to improve it and eliminate the problem.

(4) Which service is your most popular?
It really depends on the season.  In the Summer time, it’s mostly pedicures; in the Winter, it’s facials. But Shellac manicures and brow shaping are consistent throughout the year.  

(5) lastly, what is your personal skincare regime
My skin care routine consists of G.M. Collin and EltaMD products.  It’s got a few steps to it, but it only takes a few minutes and completely worth it!  Without getting into TOO much detail, in the morning, I cleanse my skin with a cleansing gel, followed by a powder exfoliant (which is gentle enough to use daily), then I apply an eye cream, a serum on my T-zone to control excess oils, a collagen gel, and lastly a BB cream that is a moisturizer, a foundation, and an SPF, all in one.  In the evening, I repeat it all minus the exfoliation and replace the BB cream with a hydrating moisturizer.

Thank you Amanda for such a great facial and service!
January promotion:
a complimentary mini pedicure with every Clinical Facial booked


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