June 18, 2014

24 Clear It Skincare: Acne Review

As a beauty blogger I get countless skincare pitches in my inbox however having only one face (obviously) I'm not able to review everything. Also, skincare concerns vary for everyone and I know my skintype is not the same as all my readers. When I received an email asking if I'd like to review 24 Clear It, a skincare line for acne. I passed the opportunity over to Andrea, a fashion student who has been suffering with acne since her early teens.
Andrea, now at 20 years old has tried everything to clear her acne. She used Accutane for six months but stopped because of side effects. As you can see her acne is mostly concentrated on the sides and although the pictures aren't professional and the sharpest you get the idea. She still has a bit to go but she says that the 24 Clear It starter kit has improved her skin overall.
The 24 Clear It starter kit consists of three steps:
(1) Active Exfoliating Cleanser- to be used morning and evening, contains micronized benzoyl peroxide. Paraben, fragrance and oil-free!
(2) Essential Clearing Toner- to be used daily twice a day, contains salicylic acid with aloe vera and chamomile.
(3) AM Clarifying Treatment- to be used daily in the morning, contains 2.5% micronized benzoyl peroxide 
PM Recovery Treatment- to be used daily in the evening, contains 3% micronized benzoyl peroxide.
Andrea has been using the starter kit since April 30th. Andrea's observations:
I’m quite pleased with this product aside from causing a little dryness in the 
beginning I believe it has helped to clear up my acne quite a bit. I’m left with only a few pimples here and there but most of the spots left are just scarring no actual texture. I would recommend starting to use this product once a day and gradually working up to a second application daily, also the mask included is great used once or twice a week, but I also used it as a spot treatment on bigger more problematic pimples and felt it made a difference by the next morning. All in all I am definitely considering repurchasing this product and continuing to use it as my acne regimen.
What do you think of Andrea's progress so far?
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For more info:
visit 24ClearIt
*a PR sample kit was sent to Andrea for review. Her observations are based on her personal experience.

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